Information Security
All systems are vulnerable to physical hazards such as leaky roofs, hard particle
damage (smoke, dust, and other contaminants), as well as human incidents.  
Thats not all! Businesses which operate in a Network environment have data and
systems that are vulnerable to the ever emerging threats of viral attacks,
denial of service attacks, System infilitration, corporate espionage as well as many others.

There is no substitute for a good security plan which incorporates disaster preparedness
procedures to protect all of the important data that makes you organization competitive
in today's economical environment.


Our consultants can perform several different types of security oriented services.  

*  Security Review -- This is an examination of your existing security plan providing independent
and unbiased feedback.  At the end of the review a comprehensive report identifies the pros and
cons of your plan with the rationale behind each decision.

*  Risk Analysis -- This is the first step in establishing a security plan for your organization.

*  Configuration Management Plan -- This is how your organization exists today people, processes,
and technology and how to maintain a consistent and manageable environment in the future.

*  Contingency Plan -- What to do if the plan fails.  How-to recover when the unexpected happens.

*  Testing Plan -- How sure are we that all is well in our security plan?  We test it.  Both overt testing
and subdued testing.

We can do all of these and more.

We can also help you scrub your personal data from machines you are donating or selling to entities
outside your circle of trust.